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1, according to the classification of type separator:
According to the magnetic source is divided into two categories of electromagnetic, permanent magnet.
According to the way of removing iron, iron is divided into manual unloading, automatic unloading of iron.
The ground installation points suspended separators, magnetic pulley, pipe type separator.
According to the cooling with self cooling, oil cooling and forced air cooling.
In addition to iron because of different raw materials and methods suitable for cleaning, divided into many types, specific how should choose us to analyze.
1 in addition to consider the nature and size of bandwidth, humidity dip, material conveying iron, especially in the material containing iron components, in addition, the use of the environment and their own characteristics in addition to iron should also be considered.
2 iron containing high content of up to date selection with electromagnetic continuous iron discharging capability of permanent magnet RCDC, RCDD, RCDF series of separators; at lower use manual unloading iron type electromagnetic, permanent magnet RCDA, RCDB, RCDE series of separators; adapt to the environment of dust is large, should use the closed structure of RCDB, RCDE, RCDD RCYB, RCYD, RCDF series and series of iron remover. Lowering the height of the suspension is also beneficial to the removal of iron.
3 the use of suspension type permanent magnetic separators and the material thickness is large, in order to improve the efficiency of removing iron, and WCTG series of five parallel roller supporting the use, it can achieve more ideal effect.
4 when the materials contain impurities are not with magnetic adsorption, is suitable for detection of GJT series metal detector, alarm, shutdown and then manually removing iron.
5 when the requirement of removing iron is high, can improve the magnetic separator, magnetic separator and even improve specifications set up multi-level iron removal process.