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Linqu County town of government-funded six hundred thousand yuan, the establishment of the Linqu County Machinery electronic equipment company, when the company has only fifteen people, because of the lack of technology and funds shortage, the company once downturn, with Victoria kennedy.


Under the lead of company general manager Feng Yizhong, enterprises slowly walking on the formal, the company hired the Shanghai Jiaotong University mechanical automation Professor Li Jingyang teacher for our company technical director and has hired a Zhang Tonghai hill, Professor of mechanical engineering Tan Yuanbo. Since then, the products will continue to weed through the old to bring forth the new, a patent product development and quality continues to improve, so that the company's business success.


the company total sales of fifteen million yuan breakthrough, in 2007, the performance of the company is even more alarming, as the town of Linqu large taxpayer, the company existing staff 215 people, of which the mechanical engineer 18 people, engineers, 12 people, excellent product quality, satisfactory service, won the majority of customers praise and praise, set health the development of enterprises image!

2000 year to date

Enterprises always adhere to the "quality first, abide by the credibility of innovation," the purpose. Always adhere to the technical breakthrough, product innovation, service more perfect development strategy. With strong capital strength and technical force, a leader of the national counterparts, experts agree, by the user and from the Green ignorant.