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Conveyor Maintenance Notes

Often check the reducer, coupling, motor and all the roller temperature is normal, abnormal timely


Magnetic separator magnetic field strength becomes weak fault l

In the process of using the magnetic intensity of magnetic separation machine becomes weak


Permanent magnetic drum installation attention to ensure proper

Permanent magnetic drum gap, slurry flow is big, is conducive to improve the processing capacity, but as far away from the surface


Factors affecting the working efficiency of permanent magnetic

Permanent magnet roller rotary and fixed two institutions, fixed type strong magnetic material mainly


In addition to the iron hanging installation method and pre

The level of installation of large belt feeding except on the mountain section, to run, to the big belt


Accuracy and maintenance of electronic belt scale

Electronic belt scale product accuracy and its actual accuracy is different, with electronic belt scale


In addition to the cleaning method of iron slurry and p

With the improvement of the quality requirements of the ceramic products, the removal of iron in the


Strong type electromagnetic separator structure principle

With the development of our country's economy, all walks of life to the material in addition to