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A year ago in your attention, understanding and support, under the correct leadership of the chairman, all the efforts and hard work, the company is toward the development of health to the track, which here is inseparable, occasion, thank all the customers and the suppliers of love and cooperation, making our company obtained the rapid development. From scratch, the customer from zero start to now tens of thousands of households, especially our hundred years brand, customers throughout North and south of the motherland in small, medium and large cities and towns, allows the company brand reputation Yuanyang, many customers and the community on the company's affirmation and praise heard. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt and sincere thanks to you. At the same time, it is necessary for me to tell you what has been obtained achievements and the future development direction and the goal: We after more than a year of efforts, has been successfully applied for is the general taxpayer, business development as the tiger Tim as, we in the company in Hainan, Zhejiang and other places set up branch companies, good business development, rooted in the concept of service to the community, fast service to the neighbor, which won the customer today. This is especially important.
The company's goals and ideals are correct, for a sustainable business is very important.
The new year outlook is bright, the new year is also a very difficult task. In a "dry". Hard can not pass, work hard to well-off, do not rush for not rob not to fight, it will never enter well-off. New heaven and earth is dry out, not to do nothing. The new year, we all departments, each store leadership to take the lead in hard work, levels of responsibility to lead the masses of hard work, the company remittent, on all fronts to aim at the target and hard-working spirit. Should bear in mind the overall situation, hearten spirit, difficulties, make concerted efforts, and always maintain stable development, the situation and forge ahead in unity of the excellent situation, create a better future, and write a new chapter.
The new situation and new tasks, we call progress, to reach new heights. Let us in the Corporation, the correct guidance and leadership, the political enthusiasm, exert to the mental state and provided very realistic scientific attitude, unity of thinking, dedication, close cooperation, work together, forge ahead, do solid work, full of confidence to meet new challenges, new world.
Looking back on yesterday, we are delighted to read, filled with a thousand regrets!
Because of you, with action in the virtual network interpretation of human feelings!
From today, we are full of excitement., proud and happy!
Because of you, the bamboo are home all year round warm like spring!
Today, we are wandering about the day, we are doubly cherish this beautiful romance, in the New Year bell ringing at the moment, I will drink best wishes to my dear friends: rich set foot on the Marlboro! Career boarded the Hongta mountain! Valentine's saiguoashima! Financial resources throughout the greater china! Pepsi cola! All things Fanta! Wahaha every day! Pepsi music monthly! Mid high! Feeling like Sprite! Always eye-catching!