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RCDE series of oil-cooled electromagnetic separator

Time: 2016-6-2 | Weifang Yunhai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 
RCDE series of oil-cooled electromagnetic separator, the internal transformer nineties international advanced technology, changes on the oil circulation cooling device, the entire seal structure, with a large magnetic force, dust, rain, corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics of continuous work , roller presses, crushers and other machinery and equipment plays a reliable protection. The main performance indicators are off to or higher than JB/T7689-95 standard requirements, the main product can be removed in a non-magnetic material mixed in 0.1 to 25 kg of ferromagnetic material.
Technical characteristics:
◆ specially designed magnetic coils. Incentives and heat to the transformer oil, effectively reducing the coil temperature
◆ coil insulation F Pole, using new thermal oil, oil rational design, unobstructed, cycling fast, high thermal efficiency
◆ a cooling coil is completely sealed in oil, with excellent dust, moisture and corrosion resistance.
◆ radiating sheath corrugated sheet, significantly increase the cooling area, long continuous working coil temperature <70 degrees, the technical level of similar foreign products.
◆ automatic unloading iron, easy maintenance, drum drum-shaped structure. Belt with automatic correction capabilities, qualities sealed bearing, can achieve long-term trouble-free operation.

The main technical parameters:

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RCDE series of oil-cooled electromagnetic separator


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