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STCA speed-regulating feeder

Time: 2016-6-12 | Weifang Yunhai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 
Production introduction:
     National standard tension sensor. It owns the constant tension device and equips with the driven and speed measurement system. It's domestic ideal speed regulation dynamic metering equipment. 
      Such sensor has continuous dynamic measurement and frequency conversion speed control. And the feeding amount has wide adjustment scope, which is suitable for the measuring batching in industries such as the large or medium cement, coking, large or phosphate, glass, smelting, etc. The measuring materials have small viscidity, including the bulk, particles and power. 
STC series also own the double-faced scraping function, and have outstanding effect for measuring and batching of materials with certain viscosity, which is the preferred ideal measuring equipment in industries such as coking, coal blending, etc. 

Technical features: 
1. Adopt the high-reliability frequency conversion adjustment, wide belt, thick material layer and low-speed running method. 
2. Automatic ration, high adjustment precision and wide adjustment scope 
3. With good performance price, high control precision, good stability, and the price is only the one third similar import product. 
4. Low operation maintenance expenses 
5. Features of control host: One machine for many purposes, dynamic simulation display, window-type operation, and perfect self-inspection function. The host includes the system introduction, fault reminder, many control modes and output management and statistics 
6. Dynamic accumulation error: Superior to Grade 0.5 
7. Zero value stability: Superior to 0.0035% (max) 
8. Weighing signal linearity: Superior to 0.5% 
9. Power supply voltage 220V~380V-50HZ 
10. Use of environment temperature: 10℃-+45℃, relative temperature ≤80% 
11. Revolution sensor: pulse signal 
12. Machine-hour scope: 0.2-2000t/h 
13. Installation mode: Horizontal installation 
14. Width of adhesive tape (mm): 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 
15. Online given function of flow and percentage (weight) 
16. Material size shall be no more than 50mm, and it's better that the humidity doesn't stick to the belt. 

Production introduction:

STCA speed-regulating feeder


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