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CTDG Series Permanent Magnet Dry-Type Block Magnetic Separator

Time: 2016-6-15 | Weifang Yunhai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 
     Such machine is a kind of new style energy-saving beneficiation equipment with high efficiency. Except for current approved products, the different magnetic induction intensity could be designed and manufactured according to specific requirements of users, which is suitable for the magnetic separator with different belt specification (magnetic pulley). The product is widely applied in metallurgy and other industries, which could meet the beneficiation plant demand of large, medium and small mine; It's used for the preliminary election operation at various sections of magnetic separation plant after ore crushing. Throw and remove the mixed barren rock, recover geological grade, which could save the energy consumption, and improve the processing capacity of beneficiation plant. The product is used to recycle magnetic iron ore from barren rock in stope to improve the ore resource use ratio; it’s used to recycle metallic iron from steel slag. It's used to sort useful metal from waste to improve the environment. 

◆Magnetic system is made of NdFeB materials with large metallic iron, high residual magnetism and high coercive force to guarantee the roller surface owns very strong magnetic field strength. The external magnetic system is covered by stainless steel skin to guarantee that the magnet blocks never fall off. 
◆ Roller adopts the high-quality stainless steel material which could not only improve the roller abrasive resistance, but also improve the service life of roller, so it suitable for various 
◆The non-magnetic stainless steel material is adopted between the main shaft of roller and magnetic system to insure no leakage magnetism conducts to the main shaft, thus guaranteeing the stable operation of bearing. 
◆The roller is used as driving roller or driven roller. 

The main technical parameters: 

CTDG Series Permanent Magnet Dry-Type Block Magnetic Separator


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