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DP weight-lost weigher

Time: 2016-6-15 | Weifang Yunhai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 
      The feeding electromagnetic vibrating machine and weighing hopper are soft structure with gravity separation. Although the blanking electromagnetic vibrating machine is also soft structure, but its gravity and weighing hopper are supported by three tension sensors as a whole and are connected by the stock column in weighing hopper. Firstly the feeding electromagnetic vibrating machine feeds to weighing hopper, and stop feeding when the hopper reaches the given upper limit value of given weight in stock bin. After a period interval, the blanking electromagnetic vibrating machine starts to unload, and stop unloading when the unloading material reaches the lower limiting value of given weight; Repeat the action like this. The material flow measuring is calculated by the material weight lost in the stock bin, so it is called as weight-lost weigher. 
      The system control host adopts the industrial control computer of MCS-586 (686) standard with liable performance; The host could control two mills at the same time with the batching measuring of 16 weighers. It calculates with formula with automatic materials input, multiple page display and automatic online reminder, and could conveniently form the collection distribution control (DCS) with the upper computer;   
1. System measuring precision ≤±0.5% 
2. Computer power supply: 220V+10% ; 50Hz, 500M A. 
3. Material matching measuring of 1- 16 points. Maximum output of single weigher 45T/h 
4. With component content for manual input, automatically calculate the proportion of components. 
5. Equipped with the feeding control of upper computer, control interface of milling load closed loop, achieve the upper computer orders or automatic control of milling load. 
6. Additionally equip with the multi-element to analyze the automatic signal output interfaces, etc. 
7. The data protection battery in machine could automatically conduct the power down protection to clock and all data.
8. Equip with communication interface which could connect with the management computer in central control room to form network, and the remote communication could also be equipped according to the working requirements. 

Service conditions: 
1. Environmental temperature: —10℃—+40℃
2. Supply voltage: 220V±10% 
3. Power supply frequency: 50Hz±4 
4. Relative humidity: ≤85% 

DP weight-lost weigher


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