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CFLS Hyperfine Wet Magnetic Separator

Time: 2016-6-17 | Weifang Yunhai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 
     CFLS series hyperfine magnetic separator is one new high-tech product researched and developed by our company and Chinese Academy of Sciences electrician. It has applied the national practical patent, passed the province-level science and technology identification and was rated as state-level key new product by the national MOST in 2005. The product was identified as national Torch Plan project in 2006. 
      Weak magnetic oxide is eliminated from the fine particle or coarse powder material, and is used in the material purification in non-metallic mineral industry such as chemical industry, fireproofing, glass, medicine, ceramics, etc., the dry method pre-selection of hematite and limonite and the dry beneficiation of manganese ore. 

◆The compound magnetic system of magnetism gathering has double magnetic poles, high magnetic field strength and large gradient. 
◆Soft magnetism material conducts magnetism, which causes the minimum magnetic field loss, so the magnetism is greatly improved. 
◆ Controllable feeding system is equipped. 
◆ Automatically clear attached weak magnetic oxide, which could guarantee the operation for long time without fault. 
◆ Magnetic induction intensity on the surface of magnetic roller could reach 18000Gs. 
◆ Design as single layer or multiple layers according to the users' requirement for convenience of disassembly and assembly. 
◆Magnetic roller rotation speed could be adjusted by frequency conversion. 
◆ When the metal ore is handled, the yield is 1.5~2.5 times data in table. 

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CFLS Hyperfine Wet Magnetic Separator


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