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RCYG series of fine separator

Time: 2016-6-17 | Weifang Yunhai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 
RCYG fine separator series, our technical staff carefully developed from a high-tech product. Its unique mechanical structure, and high gradient, high-intensity magnetic field, especially for coal, refractories, ceramics, chemicals, cement, building materials, food and other industries iron removal from the material, facilitating product purification and protection equipment for normal operation, especially difficult for the average separator Ex some spherical iron pieces, small pieces of iron, such as detonators, small nuts, small screws, small balls and other effect is particularly significant, is in addition to iron the best selection of demanding applications in addition to iron device.
it works:
RCYG separator works fine: when the material feed pipe from the separator through the fine, by the end of the manifold shunt thinning the material, and then into orthotics zone, the material inside the iron turned to the direction perpendicular to the plate, reducing material layer on the iron resistance, the material carried forward to high iron adsorption zone field is adsorbed, and with the housing rotation to the rear area, relying on its gravity and centrifugal force from the strong magnetic field, the completion of serum iron work.
The main technical parameters

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RCYG series of fine separator


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